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25 days to go to National Insect Week



National Insect Week and the Royal Entomological Society support The Great Bug Hunt competition for schools in conjunction with the Association of Science Education. For more details and to enter please visit

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Our children's drawing competition will also be launched soon for National Insect Week 2016. Details will be released on this page in April.

The National Insect Week Photography Competition 2016 will be launched on 20 June 2016. Please return to this webpage to find out details about this year's competition and how to enter. Meanwhile you can look at some of the stunning winning entries from previous photography competitions below.

Tips for insect photography

1. Take your time

Try not to rush your photographs. There is a huge diversity of insects that can be photographed and each species has its own behaviour to take into account. For example, if you would like to photograph an adult dragonfly, take the time to observe the...

Did you know?

Multitudinous moths

Many more moth than butterfly species are known, only 10% of the group are actually butterflies.

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