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90 days to go to National Insect Week



(Ancient Greek - short-lived = sheath ; pteron = wing)

Mainly aquatic, found near rivers and ponds, large wings, three "tails", large compound eyes

Insects in this order

  • Green Drake Mayfly

    [[{"fid":"517","view_mode":"image_left_with_caption","attributes":{"alt":"Ephemera danica female","title":"Ephemera danica female","height":"398","width":"598","class":"media-element file-image-left-with-caption"},"type":"media"}]]Mayflies are the most primitive winged insects. Nymphs live in...

Did you know?

Most misunderstood insect in the UK

Earwigs, which don’t go in ears, except by rare accident. Originally 'ear-wing' as their wings are human ear shaped.

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