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90 days to go to National Insect Week

True flies


(Ancient Greek - di = sheath ; pteron = wing)

Recognised by having just one pair wings, the second pair are modified into halteres, which act as balancing organs

Insects in this order

  • Drone-fly

    [[{"fid":"456","view_mode":"image_left","attributes":{"alt":"Drone fly Eristalis tenax","title":"Drone fly Eristalis tenax","height":"144","width":"187","class":"media-element file-image-left"},"type":"media"}]]The true flies (Diptera) include many well-known groups: e.g. mosquitoes, crane flies (‘...

Did you know?

Best camouflaged

Cramp-ball weevils look like bird poo, moths pretend to be lichen, caterpillars disguise as twigs with last year’s bud scars…

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