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National Insect Week returns in 2020

Introduction to Pollination & Pollinators at Lings

Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 10:00 to 16:00

Pollination of flowers by insects is a vital ecological process that ensures the reproduction of most British wild plants and many of our agricultural crops. This one day training workshop will provide an introduction to the natural history of pollinators and how they interact with the flowers that they pollinate.

The main groups of pollinators will be introduced, with guidance on how to identify them, and their ecology and behaviour will be explored. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of why conserving these species is so important, and what individuals can do to help ensure their diversity and abundance.

Age limits or guidance

Suitable for adults

Cost details

£40 standard, £115 professional

Register in Advance

To attend this event please register in advance.


Wheelchair users and People with limited mobility please contact organiser in advance

Did you know?

Compressing cockroaches

Cockroaches can withstand forces 900 times their body weight by compressing their body cavity.

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