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Stamford Raffles Lecture 2016: Climate change, habitat loss and biodiversity

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 18:30 to 21:00

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Climate change, habitat loss and biodiversity, 2016 Stamford Raffles Lecture by Professor Jane Hill, Professor of Ecology, University of York

The global climate is changing and many species are responding by shifting their distributions to track climate changes. Thus species are expanding northwards as new areas become suitable, but disappearing from other locations that become too hot and dry.  The fascination of the general public for recording animals and plants in Britain has provided a wealth of detailed information that we can exploit. This information helps us to understand the variety of species’ responses, and to explore factors responsible for this variation.  In this talk, Jane Hill will describe recent patterns of climate-driven range changes among species, focusing particularly on British butterflies and moths for which we have especially good historical information. She will explain how this knowledge is being used to inform  conservation, for example improving habitat connectivity to help species reach new areas, and habitat management to prevent climate-driven extinctions, thereby helping to reduce biodiversity losses.

Professor Jane K Hill, Professor of Ecology, University of York

Jane’s research group studies the impacts of climate change and habitat loss on species, with fieldwork in Britain and Borneo. Jane’s PhD examined migration in moths and her research has mainly focused on butterflies and moths since then.  After post-doc research in Birmingham, Leeds and Durham Universities, Jane joined the University of York in 2001, and became Professor of Ecology in 2010.  She is a trustee of the SE Asia Rainforest Research Partnership, a trustee and member of Council of the British Ecological Society, and an Editor-in-Chief of the journal Ecological Entomology. She received a Marsh/ZSL Award for Conservation Biology in 2011.  Jane is involved in promoting women in science and led the York Biology Department to an Athena SWAN Gold Award in 2014.


The Stamford Raffles Lecture is the foremost event in ZSL's annual programme of Science and Conservation Events. Established in 1995, the lectures have been given by eminent speakers on a wide range of zoological topics.

The Stamford Raffles Lecture is preceeded by the ZSL Annual Awards Ceremony.

Age limits or guidance

Suitable for ages over 18

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£20 per adult, £15 per student

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To attend this event please register in advance.

Did you know?

Lacewing lollipops

Lacewings lay their eggs at the ends of single stalks of hardened mucus on the underside of leaves.

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