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93 days to go to National Insect Week

Swettenham Meadows Bug Hunt

Sunday, June 26, 2016 - 13:00 to 16:00

Make like a wildlife detective and come and see what's buzzing at Swettenham Meadows on this free, family-friendly mini beast hunt.

Ahead of the Trust's first Big Garden Been Count on Sunday, July 17, you can come and learn about the pollinators that make their home at this Cheshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve.

Join local expert Tony Parker who'll guide you through this wildflower-rich meadow giving you fascinating facts about a bugs life on this special site.

Learn all about the bees, butterflies and hoverflies and pick up lots of helpful tips on how to identify them in your own back garden.

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Suitable for all ages

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Free of charge

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To attend this event please register in advance.

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The Lundy cabbage flea beetle is endemic to Lundy island, UK, living only on one strip of habitat.

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