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National Insect Week returns in 2020

Winning Photographs 2016 (Under 18 Category)

© Kelsey Knell

Pollination, First Prize

<p>Pollination, First Prize</p>
© Pradyuman Samant

Shhh... do not disturb, Second Prize

<p>Shhh... do not disturb, Second Prize</p>
© Genevieve Kiero-Watson

The view on a bridge, Commended

<p>The view on a bridge, Commended</p>
© Gavin Pandya

Brown Clipper butterfly, Specially Commended

<p>Brown Clipper butterfly, Specially Commended</p>
© James McCulloch

Shades of green, Commended

<p>Shades of green, Commended</p>
© Ayla Webb

Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar, Specially Commended

<p>Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar, Specially Commended</p>
© Caroline McHardy

Azure Damselfly on an ear of wheat, Commended

<p>Azure Damselfly on an ear of wheat, Commended</p>
© Kelsey Knell

Because I have no teeth, Specially Commended

<p>Because I have no teeth, Specially Commended</p>
© Adam Middleton

Green Hairstreak, Commended

<p>Green Hairstreak, Commended</p>
© Charlotte Wellington

Mormon Butterfly, Commended

<p>Mormon Butterfly, Commended</p>
© Anurag Aditya

Red hemipteran, Commended

<p>Red hemipteran, Commended</p>
© Robert Cooling

Green dragonfly, Commended

<p>Green dragonfly, Commended</p>
© Zach Haynes

Stupendous Staveley Sunfly, Specially Commended

<p>Stupendous Staveley Sunfly, Specially Commended</p>
© Catriona Mackenzie

The Bug Life, Specially Commended

<p>The Bug Life, Specially Commended</p>
© Holly Chalk

Flying and feeding bee-fly, Specially Commended

<p>Flying and feeding bee-fly, Specially Commended</p>
© Fabian Harrison

Orange-tip butterfly, Commended

<p>Orange-tip butterfly, Commended</p>
© Fabian Harrison

Mint moth, Commended

<p>Mint moth, Commended</p>

Did you know?

Weighty weta

The giant weta from New Zealand is the heaviest known insect species, one individual was found to weigh 71g.

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