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93 days to go to National Insect Week


  • Bug of the Day - Monday

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    National Insect Week will be launched at BUGS Exhibit, ZSL London Zoo on Monday 20th June
  • Thunderclap

  • INSTAR Magazine

    A new digital magazine for young entomologists. Find out more about insects and those people that study them.... For more information about INSTAR email
  • Educational videos

    What is an insect? Why are they important? Who studies them? These videos will help you to learn some of the answers to these important questions..... What is an insect? Why are insects important? What is an entomologist?
  • Ladybird Days

    Dr Helen Roy Helen Roy is a research ecologist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Her research focuses on the effects of environmental change on insect populations and communities. She is particularly interested in the dynamics of invasive non-native species and their effects on native...
  • Hover flies, leaf-cutter bees and ‘no-see-ums’

    In August last year LE contacted me from Shropshire about an insect invasion of her car port. There were seeming thousands of insects, which despite the open construction clustered under the roof and once they died needed shovelling up. The majority of these insects were flies and specifically...
  • Spot a 2-spot!

    Harlequin ladybirds are a highly successful invasive species whose numbers have rocketed over the past few years. The concern about the Harlequin’s success is that they can outcompete native species such as the 2-spot ladybird for their aphid prey, and that the Harlequin larvae may eat smaller...
  • Favouring the scorpion fly

    “What’s your favourite insect?” I usually hate those sorts of question – your favourite “anything” tends to change from day to day – but for me the answer is simple. My favourite insect is Panorpa communis , the scorpion fly. © Matt Cole Male scorpion fly, Panorpa communis perched on a green...
  • Eyes are your best piece of equipment!

    A great thing about getting stuck into insects is that you don’t really need any kit, at least, not to get started. Insect hunting isn’t like golf; there’s no need to have “all the gear and no idea”. However, once you get going you’ll probably want to invest in a few things to help you get more out...


Did you know?

Holo versus hemi

Insect have two main life stage patterns, holometabolous: egg, larva, pupae, adult; and hemimetabolous: egg, nymph, adult.

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