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93 days to go to National Insect Week



(Ancient Greek - koleos = sheath ; pteron = wing)

The most diverse group of organisms on Earth, some are important predators of garden pests.

Insects in this order

  • Cockchafer (May-bug)

    [[{"fid":"449","view_mode":"image_left","attributes":{"alt":"Melolontha melolontha","title":"Melolontha melolontha","height":"192","width":"256","class":"media-element file-image-left"},"type":"media"}]]Scarab beetles (including the chafers and dung beetles) have characteristic antennae in which...
  • Seven-spot ladybird

    Worldwide, beetles are the most diverse group of animals, with almost 400,000 known species. In the UK there are about 4000 species (see some examples of their variety in the Beetle Gallery ). Beetles are robust and typically have thick wing-cases that usually cover most of the upper surface of the...

Did you know?

Most reviled insect in the UK

Cockroaches, unfortunate as we have cute native cockroaches (Ectobius sp.) living by sea and on heathland.

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