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93 days to go to National Insect Week

Silverfish & firebrats


(Ancient Greek - zyg = bridge ; entoma= insect)

Wingless primitive insects up to 20mm long. More common in damp sheds than in the garden, medium sized, flattened, silvery scaled.

Insects in this order

  • The Firebrat

    Firebrats can move fast and their flat bodies allow them hide in narrow crevices and cracks. Young firebrats look similar to the adults.
  • The Silverfish

    [[{"fid":"519","view_mode":"image_left","attributes":{"alt":"Silverfish","title":"Silverfish","height":"177","width":"255","class":"media-element file-image-left"},"type":"media"}]]Silverfish and firebrats are flightless insects, with flattened tapering bodies covered in scales. They have long...

Did you know?

Most tenacious

Most tenacious: Brook Dun mayfly larvae can cling on smooth stones in fast flowing freshwater.

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