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National Insect Week returns in 2020


  • Habitats at Home – Bug boxes for smaller spaces

    Activities sheet

    The addition of a bug box to your garden is a great way to offer lodgings to your six-legged friends and suitable for even the smallest outside space.

    For: Adults

  • Habitats at Home - Shrubs and hedges for insect-friendly edges

    Activities sheet

    Find out how you can encourage insect diversity in your garden through planting shrubs and hedges.

    For: Adults

  • Life in the Undergrowth book


    David Attenborough reveals a secret universe it is teeming with life and is all around us, yet we never see it. It is the world of the very small, and it is a world of sex, drugs and violence.

    For: Adults

  • Linnean Society Learning Resources

    Activities sheet Lesson plan Podcast

    Learning resources from the Linnean Society.

    For: Primary Secondary Adults Everyone

  • RES Podcasts

    Audio Podcast

    Chris Jeffs talks to a diverse range of insect enthusiasts, from academics old and new to professionals and TV personalities, in order to find out why insects are so important and fascinating.

    For: Adults


Did you know?

Best camouflaged

Cramp-ball weevils look like bird poo, moths pretend to be lichen, caterpillars disguise as twigs with last year’s bud scars…

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