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National Insect Week returns in 2020


  • Stag Beetle Larva Stridulating

    Stag Beetle Larva, Lucanus cervus


    The Stag Beetle is the largest beetle in the UK and is found on the south east of the country. The larvae live in decaying wood and are known to make deliberate sounds (stridulation) by rubbing their middle and hind legs together. It is not known why they make this sound. The recording was made...

  • Death’s-head Hawk-moth Caterpillar Eating

    Death’s-head Hawk-moth, Acherontia atropos


    The Death’s-head Hawk is the largest moth in Britain and the caterpillar feeds on potato. The sound is of the caterpillar eating a leaf and was recorded using a miniature microphone. The sounds can be heard if the caterpillar is in a quiet environment.

  • Listening to insects


    Your opportunity to listen to some rarely heard sounds from the wonderful world of insects.

    For: Everyone


Did you know?

Best origami expert

Earwigs intricately fold and tuck their hindwings under tiny forewings, inspiring design of satellite solar panels.

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